Monday, August 12, 2013


Not much of a fancy announcement here, but I figured I'd make this post anyway: After launching the site 3 years ago today, I've decided to call it quits with the MDCUO.

Rather, the name at least. It's been LONG overdue really. The name was always more or less a placeholder, since I couldn't think of anything good at the time. And now it's doubly overdue, considering the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited hasn't existed in quite a few months now. Changing the site to something like the Marvel Unlimited Omnibus doesn't really have that nice of a nice ring to it, either.

I've also been considering the 'omnibus' part of the site, as well. Looking over a some of the posts, I think there may be a few that force the idea of larger bodies or work, as opposed to simply spotlighting content. This isn't to say I'll stop doing 'omnibus'-styled posts, but I think I'll likely be posting more 'trade' style posts as well in the future (and maybe do some deleting/reposting of some of my previous posts).

So with all of that said...the old name doesn't work. So I decided to change it to Marvel Then! Something shorter, simpler and to the point without being limiting. Since we're in the 'NOW!' era of Marvel, I figured it would make sense that this site focuses on the 'THEN!' that lead us here.

No new post for now, though I may have a little something up later this evening...

Matt Smith


  1. Glad to see you will be continuing to post on Marvel Unlimited runs. Thanks for all your work her - your analysis has always been very useful to those of us trying to pick through Marvel Unlimited content in a coherent way.

  2. Thanks, Vertical Screen! There's more to come soon!