Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And now for something completely different...

1) As far as further MDCU coverage goes, I've been considering revising things a bit and making it just one big work in progress (gaps and all). I've got enough content for about another week or so based on my normal standards, but beyond that it's getting trickier. It's looking like Marvel is focusing on comics from the past year or two rather than making any effort for filling in any of the past gaps they currently have for the foreseeable future. Then again maybe my formspring question to Tom Brevoort, the recently appointed Senior Vice President of Publishing, might help just a little bit.

2) I've been considering branching out to coverage of other sites. Namely comiXology, hopefully Dark Horse later this month (if their site offers direct linking), and maybe even webcomics. I'm hoping I could be a bit helpful with the recent additions from the crossover-heavy Batman 101 on 1/01 sale or the previous Blackest Friday sale.

That would likely involve a site name change. If nothing else, consider today's selection of posts a test run.

EDIT 1/7/10: I've decided, for the time being at least, to keep things strictly to the MDCU.

3) Twitter. I admit it's not something I've used all that much, but it's there and I figured I'd mention it since it seems I haven't before.

4) Perhaps something resembling a more 'proper' site is in order, maybe even a message board, instead of using a blog.

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